IRIS Group is a prominent garments manufacturing company based in Bangladesh. With a strong market presence, we have successfully undertaken and completed numerous projects including Cleaner Production (Pact II), In-Depth Cleaner Production, Pact Project- CP, and STWI_Unit Assessment.
The Cleaner Production (Pact II) project focused on implementing sustainable practices within industries to minimize environmental impact and improve efficiency.The In-Depth Cleaner Production project delved deeper into analyzing and optimizing production processes to identify areas for improvement and implement cleaner production techniques.

The Pact Project- CP (Cleaner Production) was a comprehensive initiative to promote and implement cleaner production practices across various sectors. The STWI_Unit Assessment project focused on assessing the performance and efficiency of specific manufacturing units within industries.

Cleaner Production (Pact II)

Cleaner Production (Pact II)_Final_Report_IRIS

Cleaner Production Deep Drive

In Depth Cleaner Production Deep Drive IRIS_02062016